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At Extreme Color, we are the Color Change Specialist. We have more experience wrapping personal vehicles than any of the other shops in Atlanta. Our installers are experts in personal vehicle wraps and always take great pride in making sure your vehicle is installed with the highest quality workmanship and top quality 3M or Avery vinyl.

Extreme Color offers a wide variety of solid color change vinyl and specialty finishes that will transform your car into something very unique. Solid color vehicle wraps come in hundreds of colors which include matte , satin, carbon fiber, chrome and other specialty finishes. This allows you to choose a color and finish for your solid color car wrap that will define your particular style.

Our solid color vehicle wraps can be completed for much less than a custom paint job. When you paint a car, you can’t easily go back to your original color. With a vinyl color change wrap, you can easily change to another color wrap or go back to your original paint color. Our vinyl is perfect for full color change wraps or to add accent colors or stripes to your vehicle. Our full wraps also protect your paint while giving you a custom look that sets you apart from similar vehicles. Our knowledge and expert installation allows Extreme Color to be the preferred provider of custom color change wraps for many of the new car dealers throughout Atlanta. This speaks volumes about our ability to consistently perform as a top quality graphics installation company.

Extreme Color has over 100 years combined experience in the color graphics printing market. Our expert team can design, print & install your vehicle wrap with confidence. Extreme Color takes pride in the way we produce your vehicle wrap, making most wraps seamless whenever possible. Most vehicle wrap companies have seams throughout the wrap, where ever they fall in the design. Extreme Color’s vehicle wraps are designed and printed with the shape of the vehicle in mind, making sure each panel is printed and installed without seams. Our process makes it possible for you have the best looking vehicle wrap without having a seam fall in the middle of a door. Our professional design and installation sets us apart from our competition. Our personal approach and our ability to manage the project from design to installation make us the best choice for your vehicle graphics needs.

Extreme Color isn’t a typical vehicle wrap company! We listen to our customers’ needs then apply our design and expertise to create your custom vehicle wrap. Extreme Color is the best choice for taking care of your custom color change wrap.

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Vehicle Wrap Care

Extreme Color is proud to be one of the few vehicle wrap and large-format print companies to offer the most comprehensive finished graphics warranty in the industry. This one wins best in show. When you use finished graphics made with all 3M Graphics products and components, you’re protected for virtually any application.

  • Non-prorated warranty coverage
  • Dedicated complaint resolution team
  • Easy access to warranty period matrices
  • Weathering tests that set the standard for evaluating the performance and life of a finished graphic

Graphics that stay looking great, even in the great outdoors.

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