Wall and Window Graphics


Extreme Color offers a wide variety of marketing options for your business for both retail and commercial applications.

We can design and print custom floor graphics, window graphics, murals and custom wall coverings. All of these options allow you to maximize your marketing efforts in multiple areas of your office.

Decorative Window Films

Decorative Window Film, Stained Glass Window Film, Window Privacy Film, and Frosted Glass Films. Films are available in a large variety of textures and designs at a fraction cost of laminated panels, patterned or sand blasted glass.

Extreme Color provides all types of window film:

  • Decorative Window Film
    SXLT-1302 Ice Icicles
  • Stained Glass Window Film
    SX-SC574 Stained Glass Rondure
  • Patterned Privacy Film
    SX-5031 Matte Linen
  • Frosted Glass Film
  • 3M Fasara Glass Finishes
    3M™ Fasara™: SH2FGSE Sensai Linen
  • Static Cling Non-Adhesive
    SX-SC555 Titanium Sand
  • Specialty Film
    SX-7876 Chalkboard Black
  • Gradient Window Film
    SXJ-0591 Dual Feather Gradient 72″ high
  • Safety Window Film
    UltraSafe-460 4 mil Clear Safety Film
  • Light Diffusing Film
    SXJ-0550 White Dusted Matte
  • Rear Projection Film
    SX-0425-59 White Haze Holographic Rear Projection
  • Dry Erase Film
    SX-2095 White Dry Erase for Walls
  • Architectural Film
    SX-C380 Organic Etch Stripes
  • Exterior Window Film
    UltraCool-S20-OSW Outside Weatherable Heat Rejection Film

The perfect application for Conference Rooms, Lobbies, Retail Environments, Residential Settings, Private Offices, Glass Partitions, and wherever there is a need for Decorative Privacy. The applications are endless with adding aesthetic appeal to any and all glass surfaces.

Window Graphics

Extreme Color can turn your windows into a marketing tool for your business. Window graphics are an effective way to capture prospects attention and get them into your business. Extreme Color offers many different types of materials to choose from. Depending on the exact application and expected longevity of your marketing program. Materials include perforated window film, cling film, clear vinyl, and white vinyl. All of these materials can be custom printed with full photographic quality and are easy to install.

Floor Graphics

We design, print and cut to shape custom floor graphics that will adhere to indoor and outdoor surfaces, carpeting, concrete, asphalt, pavement, and tile. Floor Graphics are a great way to create the brand awareness that you desire. Whether you are in need of floor directional signage or promoting one of the brands or products that you sell, floor graphics can get you noticed. Our floor graphics are printed with UV ink which will make sure you have a long term graphic that does not fade easily. Then we protect the graphic even more with a non-slip laminate. Our graphics can be cut to any shape that best emphasizes your marketing theme. Listed below are some of the features of our custom floor graphics.

Custom Floor Graphics Features

  • UV Protective inks with photo quality images
  • Premium quality vinyl
  • Slip resistant over laminate
  • Available in white or clear vinyl
  • Custom cut to any shape
  • Easy to install or remove
  • Can be installed on most any surface
  • Indoor or Outdoor applications

Floor graphics provide additional marketing opportunities for many different businesses. Some of the companies that take advantage of this type marketing include convenience stores, grocery stores, museums, restaurants, sporting events, retail stores, ad agencies, entertainment and many more

Murals & Custom Wall Papers

Extreme Color is experienced with custom Mural printing. Our designers can create a mural that will get your message in front of your prospects or just add some cool aspects to one of your household walls. Murals are a great way to add marketing graphics or scenery images to large areas, such as interior walls, sides of buildings or sporting events. Our custom designed wallpaper murals come pre-pasted to make it easy to install.

Architects, interior designers and ad agencies can also benefit from these custom wallpaper applications. It allows, these type companies, to have a tool for creating custom wall coverings that depict any type of picture, custom design or scenery. With this as an added design feature, it allows almost unlimited possibilities with the design of custom environments.

Residential clients can have us design and create custom wall coverings for many different applications throughout your home. Children’s rooms, living rooms, theater rooms are all great places to add a custom touch to your home. If you have a digital picture of one of your favorite vacation spots and would love to incorporate that into one or your living spaces, Extreme Color can make it happen.