Printing Services


Looking for a quick turnaround and superior quality? Let DPS/Extreme Color show you how we can meet your short deadlines. Our large format color graphics division will provide quick and precise prints every time. With the process’s we have in place, along with the state of the art equipment, we have the leading edge over our competitors. Tired of your prints chipping or cracking? That won’t happen with DPS! Our UV inks adhere differently than the rest and are guaranteed not to chip or crack.

Our UV/LED and Latex Printers allow for the widest range of rigid (up to 2” in thickness) and flexible substrates to be printed all while delivering superior, high definition image quality. Our UV/LED printers also include white ink which can be printed on most flexible and rigid substrates and will stand out from the rest. All prints produced at DPS/ Extreme Color will always be near photographic images and provide superior color accuracy.
Depending on your project DPS/Extreme Color offers a variety of materials and installation solutions. With our expertise, we will always find an effective and economical way to produce high quality, full color images utilizing a variety of material and lamination options.

At DPS we realize the importance of quality and the amount time it takes to produce a job. Choosing the right substrate is always an important factor when printing. The staff at Digital Printing Solutions is always ready to help you choose the correct material for your project.

Routing Services

Looking for a particular shape or design routed out? Our advanced system for computer automated routing is precise for cutting all types of materials. With our process and finishing options we will ensure that every piece routed or cut are consistent and uniform.

Displays & POP’s
3-Dimensional product displays by contour cutting, trimming, routing and creasing for both rigid and flexible media.

2-Dimensional signs, decals, banners, outdoor exhibits and intricate lettering can all be cut, trimmed, or routed within minutes

Cut textiles, fabrics and other fibrous materials with the Sharpcut’s motorized fabric cutter.

Samples for corrugated, folding carton, foam and other packaging needs are produced easily with automatic cutting and creasing on materials such as paperboard, chipboard, micro-flute, corrugated, honeycomb and much more. Optional packaging design software is available.

Some of the most popular substrates to route are -Foam Board, Gator Foam, Styrene, Sintra/PVC, Wood/MDF,Textile/Fabric, Coroplast, Paper/Card Stock, Honey Comb/Converd Board, Vinyl, Aluminum, Canvas, Acylic/Plexi and ACM


Foam Board – Optimum Color Balance & Consistency with ColorOne™ Management System, Smooth & Lightweight. Uses – POP Displays, Exhibits & Kiosks, Framing Signage, Digital & Knife, Cutting Routing, Die Cutting & More!

Ultra Board – ULTRA BOARD is a lightweight structural panel consisting of a rigid polystyrene foam core faced on both sides by a smooth, moisture resistant sheet of solid polystyrene. The foam and facers are permanently bonded together. The face laminates have been specially developed to provide an excellent surface for painting, silk screening, photo mounting and vinyl lay up. Together with these properties and the ease and multitude of shaping methods make ULTRA BOARD an excellent choice for indoor signage, photo mounting, exhibits, point of purchase displays and routed letters.

PolyStyrene – High Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) designed to meet the various needs of the print industry. Featuring an in-line corona treatment, this high quality sheet offers superior characteristics including gauge control, squareness and flatness making it ideal for all forms of printing, including Screen graphic, screen, digital, and flexographic. Ideal for retail/promotional signage, non-promotional signs, consumer goods, packaging and other printed applications.

Coroplast– An extruded co polymer polypropylene board with fluted core. The surface is semi gloss with a corona treatment & slightly textured in parallel grooves. Ideal for printing, mounting, signage & POP displays. Available in 10 colors and 11 different thickness’s ranging from 2mm to 25mm.

Converd Board – ConVerd Board MR is a bright white, 2-side printable, dimensionally stable, rigid, FSC Certified board that is made from FINCH FINE COVER. ConVerd Board MR incorporates 10% POST CONSUMER WASTE, is moisture resistant, and is designed for indoor and short-term outdoor point-of-purchase and signage applications. ConVerd Board MR is engineered to provide high impact and crush resistance. ConVerd Board MR can be used for anything that standard foamboard would be used for, including being mounted to using traditional methods or direct printed with digital UV Curable inks and/or screen print inks. ConVerd Board MR is 100% recyclable and biodegradable.

Sintra Board – PALIGHT® Premium is a versatile, flexible, lightweight and durable foamed PVC sheet that is ideal for use in advertising and construction.

Optimally designed for digital printing, Bright white, smooth and uniform surface, Available in a wide range of standard and special designer colors, Standard matt or gloss finishes, Good insulation, Non-toxic, self- extinguishing, Easily worked with conventional tools, prints and paints, Easily bonded, formed, nailed and bolted, Low water absorption and High chemical resistance

Aluminum Composite Material (ACM)
Our ACM sheets are a PVC aluminum sheet that can be used indoors, and are really ideal for outdoors where they hold up to the harsh elements of nature much better than other substrates, offering up to a 5-year life. ACM skin is .025 mm thick, making it perfect for bending, cutting, shaping and drilling because it won’t lose its integrity. The aluminum PVC outer sheets are enameled baked and coated with polyester, resulting in a light, yet highly durable and rigid sheet. ACM is a great material for outdoor signage.

Acrylic – ACRYLITE® acrylic sheets are a diverse group of high quality acrylics. Utilized in hundreds of applications, ACRYLITE® provides unmatched durability, service life and performance. Special characteristics of products in this collection are UV protection, non-glare properties and guaranteed defect free acrylic.

Canvas– Lyve Matte Canvas

100-Years Certified Archival (certificate) by Accredited 3rd Party
Premium Matte Canvas. Archival Certified. OBA-Free.
Certified by Canon Alliance Partnership Program in conjunction with the Rochester Institute for Technology
No Optical Brighteners (OBA), Yet Still Bright White
Visually and Measureably Superior Resolution and Dmax Versus Competitors
Matte Finish | 19 MIL Thickness

Fabric – Fabric’s are available in several different textures and can be used in various applications. Photographic Backdrop, Backlit, Banner Indoor or Outdoor, Flag, Home Furnishings, Flooring, Light Blocking and Stretchable are just a few of the applications you can utilize fabric.

Vinyl – Do you dream in color? Now it’s easier than ever to bring your most colorful concepts to life – on virtually any surface! Our Vinyl’s offer you a dazzling array of digital films for indoor and outdoor applications – ranging from opaque films, for printing deep, rich solid colors, to reflective and transparent/translucent films, to let you play with light in cool new ways. All are designed to help you make your world a more colorful place

Banner – With our wide selection of vinyl banner material, you can find the perfect choice for your project. With the several different types of banner material we can help you find the one that meets your requirements and budget.

These are just a few of many of the widely-used substrates. Please feel free to call or email us anytime at 770-690-3112 or [email protected] to discuss any of your current or upcoming Color printing needs. You can also request a sample box to see some of the differences of the printed substrates.