Digital Printing Services

Wide Format Bond Printing & CAD Plotting

Digital Printing Solutions utilizes state-of-the-art technology to produce and re-produce our large format document copies. DPS’s digital print systems and personnel create more than just copies. Our digital prints are a final product instead of a reproduction. Digital scanning of originals allows us to offer only the highest quality copies up to 36″ wide by any reasonable length on bond, vellum or film up to ½ inch thick. Our digital systems offer reductions or enlargements in .1% increments from 25% to 400%. We can also accept digital files in several formats. Our experienced team delivers personalized service and consistent quality on every print job. DPS takes pride in performing a final quality control check before it leaves our office. Our goal is to exceed your expectations throughout the printing and scanning process.

High Speed Plotters

Our high volume printers are multifunction plotters and scan-to-file systems. With our plotting capabilities we can handle all of your large format printing needs. Our services are available 24/7; we are there when you need us. The “scan-to-file” feature enables us to scan existing drawings onto any digital storage for your use, or we can store on our servers for your future printing requirements.

CAD Plotting

DPS will always stay a step ahead to meet your growing demands in CAD with state-of-the-art color or monochrome plotting. Our plotters allow us to print your drawings on demand, up to 2,100 sheets per hour, with your choice of materials, including mylar. Rapid vector to raster conversions, screen tints and area fills on bond or vellum are just a few of the capabilities of our equipment. For speed, versatility and quality output, we are the best! Give us a call at 770-690-3112 or email us @ [email protected] to experience the finest printing in the industry.

DPS offers:

  • prints up to 36″ wide
  • high speed 600 dpi quality
  • prints on bond, vellum or film
  • print from digital files or hard copy
  • reduce or enlarge from 25% to 400%
  • scan to file for archiving
  • reproduce construction documents
  • CAD plots
  • set printing
  • digital document storage for future orders
  • complete distribution services
  • quick turnaround
  • free pick-up and delivery with minimum order