Frequently Asked Questions

Can you go through a car wash?

No.  Hand washing only is recommended.

Can you do the design?

Yes.  Our designers are experts at transferring your brand and ideas onto a vehicle wrap.  Initially, we will mock up your design then work with you to hone in on the perfect wrap for your company.

Is there a warranty?

Extreme Color will warranty all work.  The warranty period depends on the application.

What if the company information on my wrap changes, can it be replaced?

Yes.  If any information on your wrap changes we can re-print and overlay the vinyl.

Are car wraps applied to windows?

Yes, only on rear side and rear windows.  Perforated window film allows the driver to see out of the windows while still displaying the intended message of the wrap.

Do you wrap anything other than vehicles?

Yes, we can wrap most anything – call for special requests.

How do I care or my wrap?

It is recommended that you hand wash your vehicle.  Avoid power washing and car washes.

How long will a wrap last on my vehicle?

You can expect your wrap to last 5 to 8 years or longer, as long as you hand wash only.

Will you wrap a leased vehicle?

Yes.  Graphics can be removed without damaging the vehicle.

Will the wrap damage my paint?

No.  A wrap, when applied and removed correctly, does not damage your car’s paint.  In fact, it protects it.